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Our Mission

MindfullyFit™ is more than just a fitness curriculum.  It is a promise for a pain-free life.  It is a way of moving where you can restore your body's natural alignment & flexibility that you were given at birth.  It dramatically eliminates tension, back pain & reverses premature aging.  It helps prevent diseases like Alzheimer's.  It is a wholistic health program designed to boost your immunity so that you won't need medicine. It's preventative health.  It's a moving meditation.

MindfullyFit™ Improves the Quality of your Life.


A Bit About Me

Unlike most fitness professionals, I was not a former athlete.  I learned the secrets of optimal fitness through my own journey and working with master teachers from all over the world, and ultimately devoting every day the past 20 years to health and wellness.  Through my serious study and practice of diverse movement disciplines including classical ballet (17 years), jazz dance (25 years), hip hop dance (20 years), belly dance (12 years), yoga (20 years), Pilates (20 years) and Posture (20 years), I have come to share my deep knowledge to help you improve the way you feel and move.   


A Pain-Free Life is Our Goal

My approach is unique and cross-disciplinary and focuses on the foundation of correct spinal alignment as the key to all movement.  My goal is to help you become mindful of your body, the way you move, so that you can become more empowered on your journey toward optimal health and fitness.  We call this state of optimal fitness, where you can jump in and do most anything --- Mindfully Fit™.

It takes 21 days to break or make a new habit.  Our goal is to help you break unhealthy  habits, especially with your posture, and replace them with healthy ones.  By simply being mindful of your habits, you can actually end and prevent back pain permanently.  Unfortunately, 90% of people don't know how to correct their posture on their own so it's critical to work with a professional.  If you practice this new way of holding your body, you will be able to not only obtain more flexibility and mobility but also fully transform your life for the better. 



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