About Us

Posture-Based Health, Wellness & Fitness


MindfullyFit is all about improving the Quality of your Life. People are living longer lives now. As a species, we have managed to increase our life span but what about our "health span" or our "brain span". What good is living longer if we are in physical or emotional pain or if we have dementia? More than 80% of today's population has or will have debilitating back pain and there is a holistic solution that allows for pain-free improved mobility and flexibility. Dementia is also on the rise and there is no drug cure but research indicates a holistic way to prevent this. My philosophy is that prevention is the key to quality of life.

For Over 16 Years, I have offered 3 types of services to address each of these problems:


Posture, Yoga &  Ergonomics  

 The way you sit, stand, bend, walk, drive and sleep determines your posture and whether you will have pain or tension. I offer sessions where my clients permanently eliminate their back pain/tension, improve their posture, reverse premature aging of the spine, improve their flexibility as well as get more fit! I also offer yoga and Pilates classes that incorporate this new found natural alignment which guarantees no injuries.  

Mindfulness & Meditation Practice 

Through awareness we can solve almost anything. Many people have been living with emotional pain. The Buddha says almost everyone struggles with one of the vices: greed, hatred or delusion. Through awareness, we can identify the issues, limiting beliefs that perpetuate the story and learn how to let go of the pain through meditation and mindfulness. In this realm, I consider myself to be a spiritual healer.  


Dance & Fitness 

Dance is one of the only forms of movement that is three-dimensional! Dance also provides cross lateralization of the brain! For these two reasons, it has been scientifically proven that dance prevents risk of Alzheimers or dementia. We have a use it or lose it system. Start Dancing Today! I offer a wide range of options including Jazz, Hip Hop, Ballet and Classical Egyptian Belly Dance.