Are Stand-Up Desks Really the Solution?

There is an increasing, almost epidemic acquisition of stand-up desks happening now. Have you made the switch? People are reacting to the “age-old” problem of too-much-sitting and sedentary living. The real problem however is back-and-neck-pain and muscle tension.

But are stand-up desks really a better alternative to prolonged sitting?

The truth is that sitting is not the real problem. It’s the way people sit that is the problem.

Posture, Alignment & Ergonomics Sessions


Customer Testimonials

"I went to Andrea for hip pain, which was ongoing for about 6 months. I was amazed that after just one session focused on sitting and standing correctly, my pain was lessened dramatically. I literally felt no hip pain for 3-4 weeks after! Andrea showed me how to practice sitting and standing correctly, which has helped in an ongoing way. Andrea not only gave me concrete tools to improve all over posture and comfort,  but also showed me why her work was effective. She is warm, educational and professional.

I highly recommend Andrea, and am giving my husband a session to help his back pain for Father's Day.

An investment worth making!!"

--Laurie Nelson, Peninsula resident

How It Works

Finding your natural alignment is the key of getting really fit, preventing/ending back pain, avoiding injury & eliminating premature aging. Did you know that when you find this natural alignment,  your body will be in a state of total relaxation & you can increase your flexibility? Unfortunately, most people have bad posture, even if they are not aware of it.  In fact, 80% of the population has back pain, according to the American Medical Association.

With my 20 years of training, I am passionate about teaching people how to avoid common postural mistakes, and how to sit, stand, bend, walk, drive and sleep in their natural alignment. Anyone of any size or fitness level can benefit from this. I enjoy working with corporate groups as well as yoga teachers & health educators. Please contact me for more information.  Yoga Alliance offers education credits for my posture training!

Customer Testimonial

"I had really severe back pain and neck pain and could not sing due to an issue with my throat.  Andrea showed me some posture techniques  for both my back and my neck issue.  I practice these exercises daily and have not had any pain for months.  I now incorporate these techniques into my personal training work.  I would recommend MindfullyFit to other professionals or to anyone who has back pain. Thanks Andrea!!" 

--Anna Alioto, Personal Trainer & Fitness Professional, Menlo Park


Q:  I've had really bad posture or scoliosis for years.  How can you possibly help me?

A:  The great news is that your BONES are organic which means they are changing and responding to how you sit, stand, walk, drive and sleep!  If you learn how to do this correctly you can completely shift your entire skeleton from pain to increased mobility!